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Welcome to our portfolio! Here, we proudly present some of the remarkable projects we have undertaken for our clients. At Mortis Development, we take immense pleasure in delivering high-quality solutions that have left a lasting impact on various Minecraft servers. Take a look at our diverse range of work.

Mortis Machines

Introducing the Mortis Machines Plugin Showcase for Minecraft! Prepare to be amazed by the versatility of these five incredible machines. First up, the Sound Machine, which lets you send custom messages to players in the vicinity with just a right-click. Next, the Timer Machine, a redstone marvel that triggers specified actions at set times, allowing for precise automation. The Remote Control Machine follows suit, emitting redstone signals when a player assigns and interacts with different types of remotes, such as the FlipFlop, Clicker, and Deadman Remotes. The ID Card Machine is another gem, sending out redstone signals when an ID card is assigned and inserted, complete with configurable delays and an editor menu for easy management. Lastly, the Auto Crafter Machine is a crafter’s dream, capable of crafting specified items with ease and providing a progress view through its intuitive menu. Don’t miss out on the Mortis Machines Plugin, a must-have for every Minecraft enthusiast seeking to revolutionize their gameplay with advanced automation and customization!

Mortis Kit PvP

Step into the ultimate Mortis Kit PvP Plugin Showcase, where players can select their preferred kit, engage in adrenaline-pumping battles on the battlefield, challenge others to duels, and queue for thrilling matchmaking fights. Form parties, spectate friends’ duels, and track your kill streak to earn exciting rewards. The plugin also seamlessly supports other popular plugins like MortisHeads, CrackShot, and WeaponMechanics, delivering a dynamic and action-packed PvP experience like never before. Become the ultimate PvP champion and conquer the realm of Minecraft Kit PvP!

Mortis Casino

Welcome to the Mortis Casino plugin showcase, where the thrill of gambling meets the world of Minecraft! Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience with our four exciting casino games. In Minesweeper, players get to customize their risk by choosing the number of mines to play with, each offering different multiplier rates. Skillfully dodge the mines to multiply your winnings! Tower offers a daring challenge as players select from three options, one of which hides a spike they must avoid. Reach the top for epic rewards! The heart-pounding Crash game keeps players on their toes with an ever-increasing multiplier; cash out before it crashes to claim your fortune. Lastly, in Roulette, test your intuition by betting on red, black, or green and watch the wheel spin to see if luck is on your side. Each game has its unique starting multiplier and increases as you level up, allowing you to cash out whenever you desire and bet as much money as you dare. Embrace the excitement and become a high-rolling legend with Mortis Casino!